“We at Aadvikaa Clean Tech Association (A-Not-for-profit organisation) believe that “Stopping pollution is not the Best Solution“ making people aware of the consequences is. In the current scenario the entire onus for managing Plastic pollution falls on the Government or Corporates neglecting personal and individual accountability. Our association is committed to creating a Sustainable Plastic Economy, co-creating the Way Forward with Citizen, Corporates, Institutions, Plastic Handlers to build an all inclusive Circular Economy which will be a self sustaining Model“

Currently there are many Waste Management and State Govt. Agencies who are engaged in handling waste and trying to solve the problem of pollution and litter. This exercise has been going on for  many years but nobody has been able  to tackle the problem of litter on the street because of its of low value. Our aim is  community educate in plastic waste disposal so that we can drive value chain and arrest its spillover to co-create sustainable circularity.

Aadvikaa Clean Tech has taken up the task of collecting and recycling PET, SUP, MLP Creating a sustainable Circular Economy. Ensuring used Plastic does not go to landfill & dump yards.

Dodhia Group has grown rapidly in the past four decades to become one of the leading manufacturers of Yarns and Chemicals in India. We have successfully carved out a niche in the specialty yarns segment with an unparalleled and extensive range of integrated textile products. 

With lot of dependency for the supply of raw material, the group decided to backward integrate and started spinning POY and FDY from waste PET bottles. The recycled yarn is branded as Petopoly® – a planet-friendly yarn that reduces dependence on non-renewable natural resources and helps the environment by keeping bottles and plastic out of landfills.


Upcycled form Multilayered Packaging

We all are responsible to contribute to a clean green environment for our future generations. We all want to do it but do not know how?

At AADVIKAA CLEAN TECH we recycle the Multilayer plastics (the lays, Kurkure, Gutka pouches) and thin plastic bags which lie at roadside, landfills and pollute the sea. We give these plastics a new life, we form them into sheets by compressing them through a new technology which we have invested. Hence not allowing them to go to landfill. We have set up a complete system of buying these plastics from the collecting agents, housekeeping staffs and transforming them into utility items, thus making it simple for you and other to contribute to the larger cause. 

How can you help?
You can motivate people around you to buy these items. Your Housing Society, your Company your friends. You can help to create a circular economy for sustaining this activity of plastic recycling forever. You can spread awareness, you can be the change you want to see.



Aadvikaa Ties up with Schools




Maxtalent Trust celebrates Independence Day in Dugad Gaon with Adivasi children & SVKM school kids engaging in a day filled with Learning Comradeship, Celebrations, Fun, Food, Frolic.