At Aadvikaa Clean Tech, we’re thrilled to partner with GemCorp Recycling, a leader in building a just and equitable recycling system. We share a deep commitment to empowering waste collectors at the ground level.

GemCorp’s focus on improving the lives of these individuals perfectly aligns with our mission of environmental responsibility and social inclusion. Together, we’ve implemented best practices, provided training, ensured fair wages, & improved living conditions for waste collectors and their families.

This partnership empowers frontline workers, guarantees traceability, and strengthens communities involved in waste collection. It’s a testament to our dedication to sustainability and creating a cleaner future for everyone.

Additionally, our collaboration with GemCorp secures a reliable source of responsibly sourced MLP (Multi-Layer Plastic) raw materials. This not only fuels a circular economy in India but also transforms plastic waste into valuable resources, while uplifting the lives of those who collect it.