Mumbai MUN 2023

As we reflect on Mumbai MUN 2023, organized by NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering on November 3rd & 4th,we see the initiation of a landmark event that intricately wove together a legacy of diplomacy and leadership. This distinguished gathering, a poised embodiment of international relations, exceeded academic confines, providing participants with a unique platform to engage with and address the pressing global challenges of our time.

With a diverse array of UN committees to choose from, Mumbai MUN provided a platform for delegates to delve into today’s global issues, offering them a chance to be catalysts for positive change. This event served as a polished example of international diplomacy at its finest, acting as a bridge between the theoretical knowledge acquired in classrooms and the practical demands of real-world leadership.

The assorted collection of UN committees not only made the event intellectually stimulating but also offered an engaging opportunity for delegates to partake in meaningful deliberations. Mumbai MUN has, over the years, grown into a legacy of its own, capturing the essence of culture and vigor for the students of MPSTME and members of MUNSociety.

For us, it became a celebration of unity in diversity, embodying the spirit of Mumbai. MumbaiMUN has left an indelible mark on its participants, promising an unforgettable experience that lingers, making them yearn for more.


Aadvikaa Clean Tech's Impact: Responsible Plastic Use and Upcycling

Aadvikaa Clean Tech, aligning with the ethos of Mumbai MUN, actively participated in the event, contributing to the cause of sustainability. On the second day of the event, the Aadvikaa Clean Tech stalls were a beacon of awareness, focusing on the responsible use of soft plastic.

The initiative went beyond conventional awareness campaigns by introducing the concept of upcycling plastic materials. Attendees witnessed firsthand the transformation of soft plastic often discarded into recycled boards. Aadvikaa Clean Tech’s efforts aimed to not only educate but also inspire a shift towards responsible consumption and waste management.

This practical demonstration served as a powerful reminder that small changes in our choices can lead to significant positive impacts on the environment. Mumbai MUN 2023, with the participation of Aadvikaa Clean Tech, showcased that even within the framework of a conference, real-world solutions and responsible practices can be seamlessly integrated. It was a testament to the event’s commitment to fostering meaningful change, extending its influence beyond the realm of diplomacy to embrace a sustainable future.