About Us

“We at Aadvikaa Clean Tech Association (A-Not-for-profit organisation) believe that the best way to address the global issue of pollution caused by waste is to create awareness about responsible citizenship and social inclusion . In the current scenario the entire onus for managing Plastic pollution falls on the Government or Corporates neglecting personal and individual accountability. Our association is committed to creating a Sustainable Plastic Solution, co-creating the Way Forward with Citizen, Corporates, Institutions, Reclaimers to build an all inclusive Circular Economy which will be a self sustaining Model“

Currently there are many Waste Management and State Govt. Agencies who are engaged in handling waste and trying to solve the problem of pollution and litter. This exercise has been going on for  many years but nobody has been able  to tackle the problem of litter on the street because of its of low value. Our aim is  community educate in plastic waste disposal so that we can drive value chain and arrest its spillover to co-create sustainable circularity.

Our Objectives:

  • Envisaging a zero waste lifestyle together
  • Educating / enlightening in plastic disposal in societies / Schools / Corporates
  • Waste Segregation.
  • Cleaner and Healthy Environment for the waste handlers. If plastic or other items are disposed clean then filth is eliminated and the Rag picker community can work in clean centres.
  • Organise the unorganised sector of Kabadiwala and recycler
  • Complete traceability of plastic through customised digital platform designed to facilitate traceability & accountability.
  • Ensuring sustainability & Circular economy

Thus Aadvikaa Clean Tech Association has a complete End to End implementable solution to the entire Waste Management challenges that India or rest of the World are facing.


Mrs. Shoma Bhattacharya

Co – Founder, Mentor Advisor

Experienced Educator, Leadership role in International education for 15 years, PHD Scholar in Circular Economy & Sustainable Practices through Corporate Social Responsibility

Mr. Rajeev Biren Bhattacharya

Founder & CEO

A market  mover with wide and varied experience of more than 2 decades in marketing, distribution, sales and logistics in the corporate sector. Strong networker within the education sector through outreach programs for the CAS of IB curriculum designed for students and the community. A long-standing trustee/treasurer of the NGO Maxtalent trust for Adivasi tribes, running programmes of towards being equal for equality of opportunities.


Inspire & Educate everyone about Circular Economy & why we must all welcome circularity into our everyday lives


Our vision is for a future-focused, sustainability-minded society conscious of finite planetary resources.